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Okabashi in the Press: Clothesline by syndicated fashion expert Marylou Luther

Dear Marylou: I’m interested in wearing clothes and accessories made from sustainable materials. Are there shoes in this category? – P.E., Hogansville, Ga.

Dear P.E.: The latest development in green shoes comes in the way of flip-flops from Okabashi, located in Buford in your home state. According to a company spokeswoman, the shoes travel an average of 700 miles (from Georgia to the consumer via the Internet), and 100 percent of the company’s waste is recycled to make more shoes. The flip-flops are made of Microplast, a proprietary blend of plastics invented by Okabashi in the early 1980s because the company wanted to have a waste-free facility. The material can be remolded over and over so the plastic can be recycled many times. When shoes are sent to the company’s recycling center, they are made into grind. This grind from the old shoes is used to make new ones so the process continues. The arch-support flip-flops ($16.99) are also machine-washable, and they are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. They are available at okabashi.com.

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